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New Performance Eyewear by Wiley- X

13 March 2017

New Performance Eyewear by Wiley- X

Whether you go touring, racing or cruising, protective motorcycle eyewear serves a basic purpose of keeping the sun out of your eyes and helps to protect them from wind, dust, debris, rain, insects… anything that is thrown your way.
Featuring shatterproof lenses and frames, snug fit, removable foam seals, light adjusting properties, Harley-Davidson Wiley X performance sunglasses provide motorcycle riders with an unobstructed vision, comfort and enhance riding experience while still meeting the stringent impact safety standards.
You can also show off your personal style and pride in HD brand when walking the streets wearing our stylish Wiley X fashion designs.


Call in store today and take a look at our fantastic range, there is something for everyone.

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