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Support Ride to Work Week with Harley Rider Insurance

13 March 2017

Support Ride to Work Week with Harley Rider Insurance

Every motorcyclist knows motorcycles are fun and also brilliant at commuting. To showcase how capable motorbikes are at beating and reducing congestion while putting a smile on your face, why not ride to work on your Harley-Davidson as part of the celebrated Ride to Work Week (20-26 June)?


The week-long event is kickstarted by the annual International Ride to Work Day, Monday 20 June and Harley Rider Insurance is providing FREE commuter cover, not just for this day but also for the entire working week – that’s Monday to Friday, 20-24th June – to all existing customers in support of Ride to Work Week. This means that anyone insured with Harley Rider Insurance will be able to commute to and from their place of work during this period at no extra cost! This also means there’s little or no reason why you can’t call in at our dealership for a chat and a cuppa on your commute to or from work.

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